First Time Guests

Our mission goes further than providing families with food and clothing we strive to show them and teach them the love of Christ. A simple gesture of kindness can go along way for someone who thinks all hope is gone.

If you are a family who needs assistance with food, clothing, toiletry items, cleaning supplies, baby diapers, and things of this sort we would love to assist you as best we can. We are unable to help with any financial situations.

To receive assistance from us you must attend our First Time Guest Orientation. Orientations will be Mondays at 10am, Tuesdays at 6pm, Wednesdays at10am, & Thursdays at 6pm. There is no orientations on Fridays. You must arrive 5 minutes before it begins, bring your picture ID, proof of income (check stub, food stamp letter, child support etc.), and if you have children who need diapers bring a copy of their birth certificate.

Please expect to be here at least an hour. After you attend orientation you will become a member & get assistance same day. You will then be able to come back weekly. Our hours are Monday 11:30-1:30, Tuesday 12:00-7:30, Wednesday 9:00-2:00, & Thursday 4:00-7:30

If you have any further questions feel free to call us at 770-489-0509