Thank You!

We have been surrounded with love from our churches!


Destination Church from Waycross, Ga took a mission trip to Warehouse of Hope. They worked & served all day Thursday & Friday. They also brought with them 1500lbs of peanut butter to donate! They were truly the hands & feet of God. They loved on each & every individual person who came through our front doors, they sorted & cleaned pallets of donated items, they even spent the night on the floor and were up at 4 and 5am mopping & cleaning. They completely overwhelmed me with their kindness.


Ebenezer Baptist Church have a continual peanut butter drive going at their church. They have been able to donate hundreds of jars of peanut butter, men's clothes that we are in such need of, & even new socks for our children's new sock & underwear program!


Cochran Ridge Church ran a penny drive for us and raised over $60 for us! They also brought us a huge donation of peanut butter, mac & cheese, & a full bag of new kid's socks!

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Hiram have completely blown me away! Many of you knew that we were desperate for a working bathroom in our Warehouse. We were told the only solutions were to either buy more land, to lay more pipeline. or build a new bathroom closer to the septic tank. So we begged & pleaded with the community to help us raise funds so we could do the cheaper of the two options: build a new bathroom. Few people heard our cry. But a week ago we got a call from a very sweet lady named Amanda from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church in Hiram. After a very short conversation with her she said she wanted to help us & would see what she could do. Now we have a group of men, here this morning, BUILDING US A NEW BATHROOM!! You can't tell me that God doesn't take care of the people who love him. I feel so incredibly blessed that God is using this church & this wonderful group of people to take care of our need. THANK YOU