These Children Need You

We started, and fund, an orphanage near Nigeria, Africa. We currently have 31 children who stay in our home. It takes $1400 a month to fund this orphanage. This $1400 a month only covers staff's pay and the bare necessities for the children there.

We need your help to provide fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, vitamin milk, basic up-keep of the building, and better education for these children. If you feel led to support our orphanage you can donate by pressing the donate button at the top left of the screen or by sending a check to:

100 Hunter Rd
Douglasville, Ga 30134
(please put in the "For" area "The Orphanage")

We are in desperate need of supporters for these children. Huge donations are not required. Even $5, $10, $15, can make a world of change for these kids. All it takes is $5 a week to provide a child with a better quality of life. 100% of your donation goes straight to the orphanage.


Our goal is to raise $300 more a month to send to these precious children so they can provide healthier meals and anything a little extra to add some joy to these children's lives!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Emma Finger 770-489-0509