Giving Hope to Our Community by Being the Hands & Feet of God



Important Update: We will be opening Saturday 10/13/18. Please call for more information 770-489-0509

Mondays: Orientation at 10am (for 1st time guests)arrive 5 minutes early with Id (closed to our members). Also here to accept donations

Tuesdays: Open for members 9:00-2:00 and reopen 4:00-7:30 (orientation is at 10:00am OR 6:00pm arrive 5 minutes early with Id )Also here to accept donations

Wednesday: Open for members 9:00-2:00 (orientation 10am  arrive 5 minutes early with Id)Also here to accept donations

Thursday: Open for members 9:00-2:00 (orientation 10am arrive 5 minutes early with Id)Also here to accept donations

Friday: No Orientation , not open to public, only here for volunteers & to accept donations

We are more than just your local food bank. We are blessed to be able to serve 600-800 families a week that are in need but we do so much more. Last year, we had approximately 226 individuals turn their lives over to Christ during our First Time Guest Orientation. Partnering with Must Ministries we served approximately 300 children a week, during the summer, through our Summer Lunch Program . We are also able to help Paulding County Schools with their BackPack Program. This program sends food and snacks home with children who receive free lunches or reduced lunches so they have food to eat on the weekends and during the Summer. We have been able to help Paulding Pregnancy Center with baby diapers.

We are currently partnering with Tapestry Church and their friends who are experiencing homelessness. This ministry helps take care of the homeless in Little Five Points by feeding them & sharing the word of Christ. We collect and recycle used cellphones to raise funds to dig wells in Burkina Fauso, Africa. This year we were able to open another food bank to serve families in Waycross, GA in partnership with Destination Church. They currently feed 400 families a month. For over 20 years, by the grace of God and through our supporters, we have been able to expand. We cannot do this without your love, your prayers, and your financial support. Please continue to support us so we can do this for 20+ more years!