People always assume that when ministries ask for help they need something so huge that they won't be able to help. I know I am constantly listing different items we need & I try very hard to not ask for monetary donations very often because I know it gets overwhelming.

I know there are so many wonderful organizations that need you but we hope that you will consider supporting what we do. We do not take any government grants. We solely depend on people just like you to keep our doors open. On a regular month it costs well over $20,000 to keep Warehouse of Hope open. It astounds me when I look at the list of our regular monthly donors that we are even able to keep our doors open.

Last month we only had 24 individuals/churches donate to us. The amount donated between these 24 was no where near $20,000. I believe the only reason we are still here is because of God and His grace.

I need some people to commit. Some people that care enough about the families in their community to be willing to give a small amount every single month. I would like to see if by the end of October I could get 100 people to commit to donating $10.00 every month to our organization. It would lift such a burden if we could just get a few more people interested in helping us help the community. Would you be willing to do that? Just $10 a month? Please pray and consider how many lives you'd touch just by helping us serve the needy. Thanks and God bless!